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1) "The Raw & The Rough" & "South, Through the Painted Desert"
Two Stories by Vernon Rodrigues
2) The Fish Boats
3) My Stories, My Life ...
a collection of writings
4) The Giant From Antaries
Has Published Four Books In The Last 5 Years
The First Was
"The Fish Boats" In 2005
And Then In 2006
"The Raw & The Rough"
"South, Through the Painted Desert"
Two Stories by Vernon Rodrigues
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OR From Any Major Book Seller
"The Raw & The Rough" is the story of young Randy Catch
and his brief venture into the world of Boxing. After a bad
encounter with his manager he finds himself on the run.
Eventually meeting up with and befriending Willie Poken (Slim).
The story tells of their travels to Oakland, CA and finding love
and friendship in an unusual place.

"South, Though the Painted Desert" tells the story of Charles
Lyman Briggs and his discontent with job, marriage, money
and himself. Even though he seems to be the evil one here the
other people in his life all turn out to be even worse or do they?
Don't miss the twist ending to this story that nobody would
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Writings By Vernon Rodrigues
3) "My Stories, My Life: A Collection Of Writings"
A Strange Victory, The Party on Joy Street & Manny Bordeaux
2) "The Fish Boats"
1) "The Raw & The Rough"
"South, Through The Painted Desert"
Two Stories by Vernon Rodrigues
4) "The Giant From Antaris"

"Lilacs and Leisure", "The Lamp"
are not available for purchase at this time.
various other poetry writings
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Now Published...  Author Vernon Rodrigues's    Newest Book
"My Stories, My Life: A Collection of Writings"
by Vernon Rodrigues

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The Giant From Antaries"
                A New Children's Book
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"My Stories, My Life"
A Collection of Writings
2 new books
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